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Curious. Authentic. Generous.

Each member of the Ballpoint team is an accomplished specialist with a reputation for results. As a group, our team is an unstoppable force — making the difference for our clients day in and day out.

Beyond what we do, we are defined more accurately by how we do our work. Boards, marketing directors, and c-suite executives from coast-to-coast recognize our team for our “whatever it takes” attitude, precise deductive reasoning, and creative “blue sky” thinking.

We’re proud of our work. We are certainly prouder of how we accomplish our work.

Get to know Ballpoint founder Aaron Ball — LinkedIn
“Ballpoint Communications Group worked closely with the Austin Retina team to update or website and refine our messaging to patients. They launched a new mobile-friendly and optimized website that more accurately reflects our brand image. Ballpoint also provided social media updates to put us on the right track with a posting schedule and content that more effectively engages patients. They provided resources and information to help us succeed moving forward.”

– Stephanie Collins, Austin Retina Administrator

“Their team excels at delivering quality written content, designs, and videos while maximizing our time and respecting that our doctors are very busy. With minimal input, their process resulted in quality results that have impacted our business in a positive way.”

— Benjamin Bakall, M.D., Ph.D. Associated Retina Consultants

Evolution of Ballpoint


Our Birth

In the fall of 2000, Ballpoint founder, Aaron Ball, wrote a thesis paper for a Business Communications class, which outlined his career goals and a blueprint for an organization that sought to leave an indelible mark on society. Twelve years and two successful start-ups later, Ballpoint was born.


Good Things Start in Garages

In 2010, Aaron Ball moved to Pensacola to live near his grandmother and grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer ’s disease. He didn’t know anyone in Pensacola, but a chance encounter and subsequent cold call to legendary trial attorney Fred Levin led to a very fortunate meeting and contract that launched Ballpoint on a strong trajectory.  Aaron formally opened Ballpoint Communications Group on December 12, 2012 in a remodeled garage in the heart of Pensacola.


One Year Later

Ballpoint grew at a rapid pace. With a dream and less than $500 in Ball’s pocket, Ballpoint became a team of four full-time employees and a network of contractors. Ballpoint soon relocated to a beautiful historic brick building in the heart of Pensacola. In the first year, Ballpoint worked with nine clients including: Levin Papantonio, Angler Up, Volume One, Mass Torts Made Perfect, Pensacola City of Champions, The Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, West From Yesterday, CTS-America, and American Cancer Society.


Sophomore Year

2014 was a busy year of growth for Ballpoint. Clarity of vision and brand identity solidified, at equal pace with the growth and capacity of our  team. Our case studies, expanding roster of quality clients, and their success stories began proving that our processes and collaborative leadership create impressive marketing results.


Toddler Years

2015 was a year of transformative change and valuable lessons — primarily centered around scaling a young organization organically to meet the needs of our incredible clients. Despite a number of staffing changes, our relentless commitment to quality and hard work produced a slew of award-winning projects, including an Addy for Best in Show.


Simplicity & Scale

2016 marked a turning point in the evolution of the Ballpoint Communications Group brand. We expanded our lucrative relationships with two major networks in healthcare and legal.

2016 also marked the exciting official launch of Embark Agency in the Ballpoint Communications Group network — a partnership between Aaron Ball and Shane Mapoles which seeks to serve the growing creative needs of Pensacola and communities across the country.

Meanwhile, Ballpoint Communications Group delivered projects for clients in 16 communities, including Pensacola, Bozeman, Cape Town, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Boston, Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Philadelphia.


Core Values & Core Competencies

2017 has been a year of relentless personal and professional growth. Our processes and rhythm for client management have doubled in capacity, and learning continues at a rapid rate.

Our founder continues to receive invitations to speak on marketing, sponsorship acquisition, event promotion, and fundraising in a handful of engagements in Pensacola, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

Productive partnerships have also been struck with expert consultants and service organizations across the country to serve the needs of the Ballpoint Global Network.

Stay tuned — this story is just beginning!

Ballpoint’s Pensacola Headquarters

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The Ballpoint Team Covenant

Our values guide us and create a deeply united group. Each team member that works with
Ballpoint Communications Group has made a commitment to the following:
1. Never drop the ball. It’s in our name.
2. Be a good steward of client resources.
3. Make a difference with your work.
4. Respect each client and colleague’s time.
5. Have fun.
6. Listen first. Talk last.
7. Lead through service.
8. Celebrate successes.
9. Never deliver. Over-deliver, ahead of schedule.
10. Invent higher levels of quality.

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