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Aaron Ball and our team of consultants objectively analyze your game-plan and provide actionable solutions each month in seven key areas proven to create brand lift. 

Two or more senior-level team members are involved at every step of the process to create redundancy, ensure clarity and provide left/right-brained scrutiny.  Additionally, we lead implementation & advise your team on proven resources to ensure success.


Aaron Ball and the team at Ballpoint Communications Group have been instrumental in the successful brand development of USRetina. Ballpoint’s contributions over 36 months include branding, marketing, creative development, website creation and management, e-newsletter production, and event production. Ballpoint was retained in early 2014, shortly after USRetina’s founding. Ballpoint worked closely with USRetina leadership to:

  • Develop the USRetina brand image, logo, & taglines
  • Lead the development of three successive websites — 1.0, 2.0, and USRetina Member Center
  • Produce award-winning brand videos — 12 videos to date
  • Create & design all recruiting copy & materials — 20+ pieces of print collateral
  • Design, edit, and publish eNewsletters & membership announcements — 135 emails to date
  • Develop and manage a profitable advertising platform for USRetina sponsors
  • Promote & produce all recruiting & membership events over 36 months
  • Design slide decks & investor presentations
  • Architect a cost-effective GPO ordering platform & Member Center
  • Recruit & train internal development staff

USRetina has benefited from the Ballpoint team’s ability to listen, interpret, and execute vision provided by USRetina leadership. We are proud of the growth and expertise that Aaron Ball and his team have achieved during their time serving the needs of a startup organization, and we are pleased to highly recommend their services.