Email Marketing: 5 Easy Ways to be More Effective

Aaron Ball

In the marketing world, email is often the most overlooked form of direct marketing and usually is regarded as an “old-school” way to market your brand. But did you know that email marketing can achieve a 3,800% return on investment and generate $38.00 for every $1.00 spent? Email is also becoming a quicker way to communicate, with 53% of emails now being opened on mobile devices. You heard right, email marketing should always be considered as one of the “big guns” of marketing tactics. Here are five easy ways to make your emailing efforts more effective.

1. Make emails as personal as possible.

Curating emails to look as if they were created for the specific receiver is key. Too often companies push impersonal emails to potential clients and make it painfully apparent that a 1,000 other people have received the same email. Using the recipient’s or the company’s name can give your email a more personal touch. Data show that by curating emails to be more personal could increase sales conversion rates by 15-25%, and click-through rates by 25-35%. This is probably the easiest tip to utilize, because all it takes is simply using a name and not disclosing the entire email list to the receiver.

2. Create a pre-header text that makes sense

When using a mobile device to access email, you are given a view that shows both the sender and the start of every email. The start of your email should always be created with the most important information first. Think of it like a sub-header – you wouldn’t open a non-personal email without an attention-grabbing beginning. Don’t waste this great opportunity with an immediate call to action.

Email Best Pracices

3. Always try to send an email from a recognizable name

This step is often overlooked. Too many times people will simply archive an email from and it is easy to see why. Who would want to open an email from something that looks like it was computer-generated? The human element is key with email open rates. Send support or help emails using a personal email. You can still incorporate your company name into the email header, just remember that adding someone’s name to the mix such as “Michael from” will more likely generate higher open rates than just “”

4. Send the important emails during the middle of the week
According to, it is never a good idea to send emails during the weekend. However, it is also just as important to remember that people are slow to open emails at the beginning and end of the week. This means that regardless of the content of your email, you are more likely to have increased open rates if you send emails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


5. Limit each email to only one Call to Action

Emails with two or more CTAs can confuse readers and will hide your overall main goal of the email. Each email should have only one underlying reason as to why it was sent. Whatever the purpose of the email, it should always have a CTA that draws the reader in to act. Too many CTAs will only reduce your click-through rate, because people don’t want to spend too much time on each email. Keep your emails simple and your CTAs clear.

If an email sender uses these five tips, the open-rates will surely increase. Email best practices are constantly changing, but luckily Ballpoint’s experienced team can increase your email marketing success. Contact us to gain a better perspective on how to maximize your company’s email marketing strategy.

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