Event Planning: 4 Reasons to Use a Mobile App

Aaron Ball

Think of an event or conference you organized in the past ten years. You probably had a registration desk where attendees completed paperwork, possibly paid fees, and were handed a large paper guide with all event-critical information. The guide included the event schedule, session details, speaker bios, floor plans, exhibitor information, and more.

You might have also issued invitations to special events for certain attendees, provided meal and drink tickets, updated users about changes to the printed program, and more. The only way attendees could keep track of what was happening at the event was to carry the printed guide, along with a notepad, business cards, and other event essentials. Organizers were able to track what happened at the registration table (who attended and who did not), but had little insight into what happened afterwards except for sign-in sheets and speaker rating at sessions.Flash forward to today: Attendees now carry around smartphones or tablets in the palm of their hands. By utilizing a downloaded mobile app on those electronic devices, event organizers can:

Measure what an attendee does at the event, such as which sessions were attended and what the ratings were for each speaker
Instantly provide session location or time changes
Provide invitations to special events for specific attendees or groups of attendees
Issue paperless meal and drink tickets without the necessity of collecting cash
As event planners, Ballpoint Communications Group has successfully used mobile apps at many events to help organizers run their events more efficiently while also improving the attendee experience. Mobile apps work at all types of events – from large national legal conferences to smaller, local events for non-profit fundraising. Below are the top four reasons events should always include a mobile app:

Convenience for Attendee – Most of your attendees will appreciate the convenience of having a paperless and up-to-the-minute schedule and other meeting information. And imagine your attendees’ appreciation of not having to search for invitations and dinner and drink tickets.
Cost Savings for Organizer – We all know how expensive printed programs, invitations and tickets can be. Even if you can’t go completely paperless, it’s possible to cut the number of printed pieces dramatically. Add to that the time saved of employees manning the registration table helping attendees fill out forms, collecting money and issuing invitations and tickets, preparing and distributing schedule changes, and collecting and analyzing speaker ratings.
App Sponsorships – Your meeting organizer can offer sponsor ads on the app. This monetizes the app for the organizer while driving leads and increasing attendee engagement for the sponsors.
Feedback, Ratings and Polls – Ratings of the speakers and sessions are available immediately after the session. Polls and surveys can be conducted to determine the success of the entire event. No more gathering hand-written reviews and surveys and spending hours compiling and evaluating the results.
If you are considering using a mobile app at your next event, Ballpoint Communications Group has the event planning experience to guide you through the process every step of the way. The event attendees AND your bottom line will thank you! Call Ballpoint at 888-609-8889 or click here to contact us.

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