Intern Stories: Marketing Research for Sustained Company Excellence

Aaron Ball

By Michael Krueger

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As my internship has progressed, it is more evident each day that marketing is a lot more than just creative thinking and “good ideas.” I am continuing to write social media and blog posts, and now I am also being included in project planning and implementation. It is now obvious to me that marketing involves careful planning and hours of developing marketing strategies through market research and various analytic reports. A good idea can go a long way, but the idea can never evolve into the next stage of implementation without proper research. Developing a marketing plan at Ballpoint usually goes through these basic steps:

  1. The team gets together to brainstorm different strategies.
  2. Action items are delegated to the team members. These action items usually consists of marketing strategy development and hours of research about specific topics needed to make conclusions and recommendations.
  3. The research is compiled into a handout to be presented at the next team meeting.
  4. The second team meeting focuses on how various marketing strategy tactics and our compiled research relates to the client’s needs. It is at this step where the team begins to take research and strategy and translate that to actionable items in order to successfully serve our client’s needs.

This aspect of marketing is new and very interesting to me. Throughout my other marketing internships, I have only dabbled with the creative side of marketing. Here at Ballpoint, I am seeing the full spectrum of marketing. Recently, I have completed several research projects for Ballpoint’s clients. This research includes:

  1. Scrubbing Google Sheets to find information pertaining to the number of retina specialists in the United States who are currently active on certain social media platforms.
  2. Researching local high schools and gathering information to aid in college recruitment strategies.
  3. Performing Google searches using specific keywords to determine a client’s current placement on Google lists.

In addition to researching marketing tactics for different companies, I also get to help the entire Ballpoint team. I feel respected at this job, because it is clear to me that the assignments I am given are relevant and benefit the company. I have never received any assigned work that could be deemed as “busy work.” At Ballpoint, we have weekly status meetings, and I routinely discuss what I am working on and provide helpful information to support Ballpoint as a whole.

I really enjoy the research side of marketing. Being a well-rounded, up-and-coming marketing professional has been my goal since I began my journey as a PR/Marketing major at the University of West Florida, and Ballpoint Communications Group has given me great confidence that I am making good progress on achieving this goal.

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