Pensacola Marketing Firm’s Intern Stories: Prioritization is the Key to Success

Aaron Ball

by Michael Krueger


My time here at Ballpoint Communications Group is coming to an end, and it is incredible to think about how great an experience this has been not only for a collegiate studying marketing and PR but also for an emerging professional. Before I started working for the Pensacola-based marketing agency, I interned for various businesses in the community including the University of West Florida (UWF). Coming into my fourth undergraduate internship as a UWF senior, I thought I had a good grasp on how a marketing company works and succeeds, but Ballpoint showed me through client meetings, creative writing workshops and different research projects that I had a lot to learn.

My experiences have helped me become a more marketable professional upon graduation from UWF, and I have Ballpoint Communications Group to thank when it comes to turning knowledge into resume-building work. I have been presented with a challenge every day at Ballpoint, and the team here has helped me meet each challenge and complete the objective. Ballpoint has furthered my knowledge and experience in these areas of marketing:

  1. Prioritization – How to successfully manage your time to meet deadlines with a heavy workload.
  2. SEO – Tactics to increase search engine optimization.
  3. Research – How to properly and effectively formulate research for clients.
  4. Keyword Strategy – Learning how keyword research and implementation can significantly help your marketing strategy.
  5. Blogging – How to search through many different types of information to properly curate an appealing blog to your audience.

This 12-week marketing internship has been full of positive experiences, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Ballpoint’s commitment to excellence with their clients has positively shaped my own work ethic, making me more cognizant of what it takes to deliver amazing results.

My biggest takeaway from my marketing internship at Ballpoint is that prioritization is the key to success at any job. This theme was instilled in me from day one at Ballpoint. Being able to recognize what needs to be completed first on your task list is one of the skills that only an internship of this caliber could teach. I am so thankful for the employees here at Ballpoint for always helping me through new challenges and teaching me new ways to excel in my profession.

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