The How-To Guide for Social Media Content and Social Media Scheduling

Aaron Ball

Successful businesses organize their brand marketing plan and operations efficiently. An efficient and effective brand marketing plan includes organizing social media to provide the appropriate content to the targeted audience at the right time. Ballpoint’s methodology for social media content curation is based off efficient organizational practices and proven trial and error.

The real question is how to determine what to schedule? Which platform needs the most attention to a scheduling system? How can you use different social media platforms to correctly represent your marketing mix? These questions can be answered by a combination of strategy, data analysis and trial and error.

Social Media Marketing Mix

Which social media platform is right for your business?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect social media platform for every business; rather, each individual platform will provide different outcomes depending on the target market. So, which platform is best for you? The demographics shown below provided by PEW Research Center report depict the average user for each major social media platform as well as its intended use.

Social Media Platform Types

How to know what to schedule on social media

Oftentimes a marketer thinks huge quantities of content have to be scheduled. This isn’t always best, quality overrules quantity. It is important to remember to schedule posts that tell the community about your company. Ballpoint uses this mix: self-generated promotional content (20 percent), client success stories where your help was instrumental in their success (40 percent), product promotion (20 percent) and community promotion (20 percent). It is also equally important to remember that new updates, breaking news related to your firm and special mentions should be pushed through social media as it happens.

Percentage of Social Media Posts

When is the best time to post your content?

Many different companies will find that the ideal times to post on social media are subjective. This means the best times to post content depends on your target market. The graphic below (courtesy of gives the average peak time as well as when traffic starts to build and when it begins to decline. Timing can be based off the statistical analysis of highest traffic per social media platform. This being said, tailoring your post times to be congruent with your target audience is essential to reach your greatest potential. Your best bet to be heard is to pick a standard time in which you post. HubSpot suggests that Facebook has minimal reach when posting on either a Monday or a Tuesday. The Twitter statistics suggest the least engaging days are Saturday and Sunday. Knowing these nuances between platforms can be wildly beneficial to your company’s marketing success.

Hubspot Social Media Times to Post

Ballpoint Communications Group is experienced in social media management and can provide analysis and feedback for businesses that would like to increase their social media presence. Have questions about any topics we covered in this blog? Contact us to see how we can help you increase your social media efficiency.

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