The Journey of a Pensacola Marketing Intern: Continuing With Content Creation and Project Planning

Aaron Ball

Week Six is here, and it seems like only yesterday that I was walking into Ballpoint for the first time. My workload has been increasing, but with help from the team, prioritizing my assignments and meeting my deadlines has been possible. I have continued to produce content for Ballpoint’s social media, write blogs, develop ideas for branding projects and participate in planning meetings. While working for a local branding and marketing agency, I have learned some important lessons:

1.Marketing is hard work.

2.Working within a set schedule is the key to success.

3.Being creative and flexible is vital to success in this business.

Local Marketing Firm

Our firm has been working very hard lately on website design, branding, messaging and advertising programs for a large national healthcare association. Their Chief Operating Officer was in Pensacola holding meetings and strategic planning sessions with their leadership team and with Ballpoint. I was fortunate to be able to attend some of those meetings and see first-hand how decisions with clients are made. It was a wonderful learning experience to hear direct from the client exactly what they needed Ballpoint to do. Most intern experiences don’t often allow direct interaction with clients, so I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity.

I will continue with content creation, social media posts and blogs, but next week my responsibilities will expand once again. Shane Mapoles, Ballpoint’s Art Director, will be taking me under his wing. I will be able to see more of the creative and graphic arts side of marketing. In the next couple of weeks, I will also be learning from our Video Editor, Daniel Rohm, how to edit and create segmented videos that will be used for advertisements and brand promotion. I am somewhat nervous to start this side of marketing. I know I will be working with talented people who are willing to help me learn the technical, creative side of marketing that is fairly new to me. Although it is a skill set in which I have minimal experience, I am confident that the teachings of our award-winning art director will inspire me to be a stronger marketing professional. Check back with me in the next few weeks and see what progress I have made on some of Ballpoint’s artistic projects.

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